Parallel Vienna

On 24th of September there will be an official opening of Parallel Vienna fair, where we’re exhibiting our “project statement” Ferrofluctuations.

Ferrofluctuations is an installation presented during contemporary art fair Parallel Vienna by polish art foundation AP KunstArt Fund.

Ferrofluctuations. Spaces of influence, open boundaries and hidden relations. Those relations, though sometimes invisible, are weaving visual and sound structures, full of mutual influences. Even a single choice and subtle change can initiate a new process and build new meanings and qualities.

Presented procesual installation consists of three connected objects. Those are: paintings, interactive installation with ferromagnetic fluid and sound part. Paintings (mixed techniques: aquarelle, acrylic, drawing, ink) by Beata Malinowska-Petelenz are focused on color and organic forms, intimate scraps building new indentities. They are in close relations with installation-object with ferromagnetic fluid by Franciszek Araszkiewicz. Fluid changes its shape due to electromagnetic fields. With that it creates sound phenomenon, that can be impacted by viewers presence (for example with electromagnetic field shared by viewers own mobile phone).


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