Wien in Skizze

It’s done! A beautiful project with so many wonderful artists from Poland and Austria, excellent drawings by Beata Malinowska-Petelenz, lots of stress, passion and experiences connected with a big publishing house (Austeria). We’re presenting you “Wien in Skizze” (“Wien in sketches”) – written and drawns city stories.

You can get a book after donating 35zł for our Foundation (+ shipping) – please contact us at

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“You don’t leave it unharmed” by Anna Petelenz

With pleasure we’re sharing the news that literary debut of Anna Petelenz “You don’t leave in unharmed” – a story about corporate anxiety – is already available in regular bookstores.

You can buy polish version online in bookstores: Motyle KsiążkoweZnakBonitoPWNEmpikRaveloTania Książka .

At the same time we’d like to let you know that english version is also available for you – just please contact us (