Momentum Gallery 04: Light Surface, KRAKERS Fringe

Space that sings, sings in polyphony. Sings about cities, sunrise and sunset. About laundry in the street and a forest. Stories from the neighborhood. About shapes, forms, things left behind that never sleep as they simply seem dead. One day they arise and sing. Those are their stories.
Momentum Gallery 04: Light Surface is a meeting with unseen narratives. Visual stories from around the world (Argentina, Cuba, Vienna, Krakow) referring to unchangeable paradoxes that are timeless. Referring to forms, tissues, fotons, structures – those that even when there is (NO) Hope, still exist, still unseen, but always present.

Curator: Małgorzata Petelenz

Exhibition, Cracow Art. Week KRAKERS 2021, FRINGE section

Data: 18.06.2021, godz. 17:00 – 21:00

Miejsce: Momentum Gallery, Chopina Street 17/3

Video art presentation (app. 40min)

F.Araszkiewicz, B. Malinowska Petelenz – untitled (Perinetkeller Fluctuations), video, electronics.
R.M. Hernández – Spiritual Voices, video, sound
F.Araszkiewicz, A. Petelenz – Beyond the Fields, video, electronics. – 1
F.Araszkiewicz, A. Petelenz – Beyond the Fields, video, electronics. – II
R.M. Hernández – I am the State, video, sound
F.Araszkiewicz, A. Petelenz – Beyond the Fields, video, electronics. – III
R.M. Hernández – that which exists in another world, video, sound
J. Valente – fotón, digital video, synth – electronic images

* Due to the epidemiological situation, please observe the safety rules when visiting the exhibition (wearing a mask properly, disinfecting hands, keeping a safe distance).

Momentum Gallery 04: Light Surface, KRAKERS Fringe – AP KunstArt Fund