Futuristic nostalgia – results

Dear Artists,

Thank you very much for your submissions! We’re amazed with the work you took to apply and we loved the art you shared! Below we proudly announce “Futuristic nostalgia” open call results.

Photo (we chose one photo from each sumbission):

Elisabeth Storokha


Daria Melnykova

David Hunter

Mariusz Twardowski

Maciej Skaza

Vlad Nikorcuk

Beata Malinowska-Petelenz


Stefan Venbroek

Sandrine Deumier

Marta Ciołkowska

Minna Antova

Nenad Nedelnkov

Eugenia Grammenou


Andrea Montanaro

Domenico DeSimone

Edith Steyer

Exhibition opening: 18.10.2023. at Momentum Gallery, Krakow, 6pm.

Futuristic nostalgia – open call

Futuristic nostalgia

You know it’s not the same as it was. And it never will again. Something’s coming. The change. Another shift in your life. New mornings, new rythms, no ideas to rely on.

Make space for the new you while digging into no longer existing spaces. We say good old days even when those were not that good. Maybe we were young, maybe things were different. Maybe there was Glitter in the sky, glitter my eyes or maybe – we were just too afraid to face the upcoming. Olden days, board games, chewing gums – childhood memories and tricky worlds that we used to believe in. And then – your kids that grew up. Buildings that are thorn down. City you no longer recognize. Your old desk and dreams that never came to life. Future that you paint with memories. Face the future, check what’s coming, use your nostalgia muscles to operate on unknown.

We’re looking for works related to nostalgia mindset, melancholic cityscapes that no longer exist, old regimes and futuristic nostalgia. We do not look for answers, we’re looking for poetic statements from different parts of the world.

Art foundation AP KunstArt Fund is calling for entries for our upcoming exhibition in Momentum Gallery, Krakow. We’re looking for:

– video arts (up to 6mins)

– photographs/collage/visual (size app. A3- pls send high quality file)

– sound art (fixed media, up to 5 mins)

– texts /flash stories, up to 4000 characters including spaces / – material for the catalogue not exhibition space

* for this exhibition we do not welcome AI generated/supported artworks

Submit your work by sending (fundacja@apkunstart.org) ONLY OPEN LINK to online documents :

– your work

– short bio and portfolio info

description/info/statement of your work and how it meets the topic (at least 100 words, not more than 250 words this is necessary for the catalogue, pls do not skip this part)

– please DO NOT attach your works to the email 

– put your name in the email title

Open call results will be published on our website and social media – mid september.

*link needs to be available without passwords/logging in

*by submitting your work you agree to have it published also by us, so if your work was presented before, please make sure that you have all necessary copyrights

Open call – Momentum Gallery, Chopina Street 17/3, Krakow, Poland

Organiser: AP KunstArt Fund


Ddl: 23.08. 6pm (CET)

Exhibition start: October 2023

Curated by: AP KunstArt Fund

Exhibition might be postponed BUT WILL NOT BE CANCELLED. Photo documentation will be shared online. Selected works will be presented in the Gallery, Foundation website and promoted on our digital platform niemuzeum via exhibition catalogue (ebook).

Momentum Gallery 04: Light Surface, KRAKERS Fringe

Space that sings, sings in polyphony. Sings about cities, sunrise and sunset. About laundry in the street and a forest. Stories from the neighborhood. About shapes, forms, things left behind that never sleep as they simply seem dead. One day they arise and sing. Those are their stories.
Momentum Gallery 04: Light Surface is a meeting with unseen narratives. Visual stories from around the world (Argentina, Cuba, Vienna, Krakow) referring to unchangeable paradoxes that are timeless. Referring to forms, tissues, fotons, structures – those that even when there is (NO) Hope, still exist, still unseen, but always present.

Curator: Małgorzata Petelenz

Exhibition, Cracow Art. Week KRAKERS 2021, FRINGE section

Data: 18.06.2021, godz. 17:00 – 21:00

Miejsce: Momentum Gallery, Chopina Street 17/3

Video art presentation (app. 40min)

F.Araszkiewicz, B. Malinowska Petelenz – untitled (Perinetkeller Fluctuations), video, electronics.
R.M. Hernández – Spiritual Voices, video, sound
F.Araszkiewicz, A. Petelenz – Beyond the Fields, video, electronics. – 1
F.Araszkiewicz, A. Petelenz – Beyond the Fields, video, electronics. – II
R.M. Hernández – I am the State, video, sound
F.Araszkiewicz, A. Petelenz – Beyond the Fields, video, electronics. – III
R.M. Hernández – that which exists in another world, video, sound
J. Valente – fotón, digital video, synth – electronic images

* Due to the epidemiological situation, please observe the safety rules when visiting the exhibition (wearing a mask properly, disinfecting hands, keeping a safe distance).

Momentum Gallery 04: Light Surface, KRAKERS Fringe – AP KunstArt Fund