Momentum Gallery 08: Endings | Time machine

Endings | Time machine

Nothing is settled when times are shifting. Neither lines, colors, dimensions or words. Houses are moving, so do streets, names and concrete. Rituals, categories and daily life – transform. And the change comes closer, inevitably. Nostalgia and lost time are a part of the safety net that we like to sew everyday in front of the unknown tomorrow. During the exhibition we want and need to take a look at those changes. Spaces and areas where we’re welcoming new perspectives, exploating what is gone and hoping for better future. Material reality, that should be the core, transforms as well. And this would be the main idea of the exhibition. Nostalgia and material melancholies – technologies that are gone and those overtaking the future. The Sims, Second life, TikTok or NFT. Destroyed pavements of your childhood. Broken windows and first mobile phones. Everything that seemed to be the turning point of the future though now it’s already unnecessary, forgotten or just covered in dust. Our old dreams are today’s trash. Burden that we’re carrying. How would you deal with that?

We do not look for answers, we’re looking for poetic statements from different parts of the world.

Art foundation AP KunstArt Fund is calling for entries for our upcoming exhibition in Momentum Gallery, Krakow. We’re looking for:

– video arts (up to 6mins)

– photographs/collage/visual (size app. A3- pls send high quality file)

– sound art (fixed media, up to 5 mins)

– texts /flash stories, up to 4000 characters including spaces / – material for the catalogue not exhibition space

Submit your work by sending ( OPEN link to online documents :

– your work

– short bio and portfolio info

description/info/statement of your work and how it meets the topic (at least 100 words, not more than 250 words)

– please DO NOT attach your works to the email 

– put your name in the email title

Open call results will be published on our website and social media till 27.10.2022.

*link needs to be available without passwords/logging in

*by submitting your work you agree to have it published also by us, so if your work was presented before, please make sure that you have all necessary copyrights

Open call – Momentum Gallery, Chopina Street 17/3, Krakow, Poland

Organiser: AP KunstArt Fund


Ddl: 20.10. 6pm (CET)

Exhibition start: 16.11

Curated by: AP KunstArt Fund

Opening by invitation and visiting by appointment (due to Covid reasons).

Due to Covid exhibition might be postponed BUT WILL NOT BE CANCELLED. Photo documentation will be shared online. Selected works will be presented in the Gallery, on Foundation website and promoted on our digital platform niemuzeum via exhibition catalogue (ebook).