Endings | Time machine – open call results

We’re happy to announce the results of our „Endings | Time machine” open call. We’re truly grateful and honoured by all submissions that we received.

Congratulations to the artists, expect us to contact you in the following days :

  • Vlad Nikorcuk
  • Huang Hua
  • Lerie Pemanagpo
  • Tiina Herttua
  • Marta Levytska
  • Dan Obama
  • PredaPavel-Silviu
  • Serge Bulat
  • Sandrine Deumier
  • Nenad Nedeljkov
  • Joas Sebastian Nebe
  • Maja Renn
  • JangGuinLim
  • Filip Wierzbicki-Nowak
  • Mauricio Sanhueza
  • Wiesława Nowicka
  • Eugenia Grammenou
  • Osvaldo Cibils
  • Eugenia Demchenko

Momentum Gallery 08: Endings | Time machine

Endings | Time machine

Nothing is settled when times are shifting. Neither lines, colors, dimensions or words. Houses are moving, so do streets, names and concrete. Rituals, categories and daily life – transform. And the change comes closer, inevitably. Nostalgia and lost time are a part of the safety net that we like to sew everyday in front of the unknown tomorrow. During the exhibition we want and need to take a look at those changes. Spaces and areas where we’re welcoming new perspectives, exploating what is gone and hoping for better future. Material reality, that should be the core, transforms as well. And this would be the main idea of the exhibition. Nostalgia and material melancholies – technologies that are gone and those overtaking the future. The Sims, Second life, TikTok or NFT. Destroyed pavements of your childhood. Broken windows and first mobile phones. Everything that seemed to be the turning point of the future though now it’s already unnecessary, forgotten or just covered in dust. Our old dreams are today’s trash. Burden that we’re carrying. How would you deal with that?

We do not look for answers, we’re looking for poetic statements from different parts of the world.

Art foundation AP KunstArt Fund is calling for entries for our upcoming exhibition in Momentum Gallery, Krakow. We’re looking for:

– video arts (up to 6mins)

– photographs/collage/visual (size app. A3- pls send high quality file)

– sound art (fixed media, up to 5 mins)

– texts /flash stories, up to 4000 characters including spaces / – material for the catalogue not exhibition space

Submit your work by sending (fundacja@apkunstart.org) OPEN link to online documents :

– your work

– short bio and portfolio info

description/info/statement of your work and how it meets the topic (at least 100 words, not more than 250 words)

– please DO NOT attach your works to the email 

– put your name in the email title

Open call results will be published on our website and social media till 27.10.2022.

*link needs to be available without passwords/logging in

*by submitting your work you agree to have it published also by us, so if your work was presented before, please make sure that you have all necessary copyrights

Open call – Momentum Gallery, Chopina Street 17/3, Krakow, Poland

Organiser: AP KunstArt Fund


Ddl: 20.10. 6pm (CET)

Exhibition start: 16.11

Curated by: AP KunstArt Fund

Opening by invitation and visiting by appointment (due to Covid reasons).

Due to Covid exhibition might be postponed BUT WILL NOT BE CANCELLED. Photo documentation will be shared online. Selected works will be presented in the Gallery, on Foundation website and promoted on our digital platform niemuzeum via exhibition catalogue (ebook).

Momentum Gallery 06 – No longer valid

21 stories from around the world. Different languages, narratives and forms of expression. This is new AP KunstArt Fund international exhibition: No longer valid.

It all started in January, when we had high hopes for the new year. As a foundation team – we brainstormed, and decided that we’d like to rethink what is really behind us. Ideas, forms, feelings that we stick to sometimes seem already like a rememberance from the past. A crumb that is no longer useful but somehow sticks to the surface and changes the form.

And then everything changed. As much as we try to stay away from the politics, one cannot stay away from war. European peace is over and we’re all trying to build from pieces that are just being crushed. Suddenly asking what is No longer valid got a new dimension.

The happier we are that we received wonderful submissions from Ukrainian artists: Vlad Nikorchuk,  Artem Humilevskyi, Anastasia Milova, Daria Pugachova, Kostyantyn Militynskyy – we are proud to exhibit their works.

With No longer valid exhibition we’re diving deep into contemporary and – at the same time – timeless issues. Ecology, gender identieties, memory and myths. And of course – forms. Sufficient, intriguing, open. As we’re not looking for answers, just for questions.

Feel invited to join this artistic journey, both at the exhibition and with this booklet. We give space for artists so they can speak for themselves and their work, intentions and goals.

Vlad Nikorchuk, Ukraine

Artem Humilevskiy, Ukraine

Anastasia Milova, Ukraine

Daria Pugachova, Ukraine

Ewa Pasternak-Kapera, Poland

Claudia Schumann, Austria

Sigrid Neuwinger, Germany

Maciek Stępniewski, Poland

Margrét Dúadóttir Landmark, Island

Kostyantyn Militynskyy , Ukraine

Iva Ružić, Croatia

Methas Chantawongs, Thailand

Mandy Palasik, USA

Vanane Borian, Armenia

Frederick Epistola, Philippines

Şebnem Yüksel, Austria/Turkey

Jean-Michel Rolland, France

Leonard Cruz,Germany

Joas-Sebastian Nebe

Evgeni Rogozin, Belarus

Armando Rotondi, Mirko Ettore D’Agostino

Exhibition producers:

Franciszek Araszkiewicz

Małgorzata Petelenz

Artur Brzeżański


Anna Petelenz

Exhibition is open till 6.04.2022 – after opening visiting upon appointment via fundacja@apkunstart.org .

No longer valid – open call results

We are very happy and pleased to announce results of our “No longer valid” exhibition. We are deeply grateful for the feedback and works we received. Thank you for all the submissions!

Selected artists are:

  • Vlad Nikorchuk
  • Artem Humiliyevskyi
  • Anastasia Milova
  • Daria Pugachova
  • Claudia Schumann
  • Sigrid Neuwinger
  • Ewa Pasternak-Kapera
  • Jean-Michel Rolland
  • Leonard Cruz
  • Joas Sebastian Nebe
  • Mandy Palasik
  • Vanane Borian
  • Frederick Epistola
  • Sebnem Yuksel
  • Maciek Stępniewski
  • Margrét Dúadóttir Landmark
  • Kostyantyn Militynskyy
  • Iva Ruzic
  • Methas Chantawongs
  • Evgeni Rogozin
  • Armando Rotondi, Mirko Ettore D’Agostino

Congratulations to all Participants and thank you to everyone who decided to take part in this project!

Traces of the Future – open call results

We are very happy and pleased to announce that our „Traces of the Future” exhibition starts this Wednesday (24.11.2021) at 7pm and selected artists are:

Santiago Colombo, Yese Astarloa | Allison Roberts | Raji Jagadeesan | Simon Coates, Nour Sokhon | Patrick Jenkins | Justyna Jakóbowska | Roberto Voorbij | Zander Porter | Arash Akbari | Kailum Graves | Beata Malinowska-Petelenz | Artem Humilevskyi | Mariana Bicudo Cunha | Kam Yew Chee | Dot Zerosix | Dimitris Tsironis | Justyna Stopnicka-June |Jerry Galle |

Congratulations to Participants and thank you to everyone who decided to take part in this project!Stay tuned for upcoming news!

Parallel Vienna – summary

Parallel Vienna is over, but we’re still bursting with energy and good memories we brought back to Krakow from those days. We were extremely tired, but happy. Our exhibition was visited by hundreds guests – most of them we’re really impressed and shared good feedback with us. We said many “hellos”, shoke many hands and did a lot of networking. Now we want to say THANK YOU, to all who kept fingers crossed! We want to say thank you also to our media partners  – SARP Kraków, Instytut Polski w Wiedniu and – most of all – Austriart.pl your engagement was very supportive.

About “Ferrofluctuations” during Parallel Vienna you could also read here Dzienniku Polskim (the same material in Kraków Nasze Miasto i Gazecie Krakowskiej), elipsa.at , blog wzwiazkuzekranem.pl and niemuzeum.pl. We also invite you to read Austriart.pl interviews with the authors: Beata Malinowska-Petelenz and Franciszek Araszkiewicz .

And HERE you can listen what was the sound of “Ferrofluctiations” .

Beata Malinowska-Petelenz and Franciszek Araszkiewicz
AP KunstArt Team (from left): Artur, queen Małgorzata, Beata (author), Franciszek (author), Marcin, Anna