Futuristic nostalgia – results

Dear Artists,

Thank you very much for your submissions! We’re amazed with the work you took to apply and we loved the art you shared! Below we proudly announce “Futuristic nostalgia” open call results.

Photo (we chose one photo from each sumbission):

Elisabeth Storokha


Daria Melnykova

David Hunter

Mariusz Twardowski

Maciej Skaza

Vlad Nikorcuk

Beata Malinowska-Petelenz


Stefan Venbroek

Sandrine Deumier

Marta CioĊ‚kowska

Minna Antova

Nenad Nedelnkov

Eugenia Grammenou


Andrea Montanaro

Domenico DeSimone

Edith Steyer

Exhibition opening: 18.10.2023. at Momentum Gallery, Krakow, 6pm.

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