Artists for Farm of Life – summary

Artists for Farm of Life is a unique event as it combines different groups of people, sometimes estranged to each other. This year, again, artists decided to support foundation „Wspólnota Nadziei” and so they donated their works. Works were presented during an exhibition in Krakow in SARP Gallery. Then all of them went to charity auction.

And so – over 120 works (!) were sold for over 85 k zł. This is a huge outcome and great support for the Więckowice house – center for adults with autism.

AP KunstArt Fund Team proudly supported this event and we’re very happy with the outcome.


For the second time we’re happily and proudly supporting Krakow International Festival of Composers.

This time in the programme we highly recommend you to pay attention to composers: Lera Auerbach, Kataryna Gryvul, Martyna Kosecka, Grażyna Pstrokońska-Nawratil! Please follow our information on niemuzeum social media channels and – for now – reserve your time between 10-18th April for concerts.

Artists for Farm of Life

We’re very happy to announce that we’re supporting “Artists for Farm of Life” event organised by Wspólnota Nadziei Foundation since 2006, which is centered around an art exhibition and charity auction supporting home for adult people with autism.

Many artists shared theirs artworks, like Rafał Olbiński, Beata Malinowska-Petelenz, Iwona Siwek-Front, Krzysztof Ludwin and many many more.

More info coming soon!

Momentum Gallery 02: MOT/her KC

KRAKERS 2020, Momentum Gallery, Zamoyskiego Street 27/17

23 and 24.04.2020, 6:30-9:30 pm

The personal is political once radical feminist idea of Carol Hanisch, in “mot/her” is realised by personal Anna Wańtuch’s narrative. She leads an intimate story directly to the camera. Herstory in Mot/Her is a reality of borderland – indeterminate, open, searching for approval in social context. Intimate video arts od FA Collective create a space of meanings re-creating, constituing and negating itself at the same time. Meanings like pregnancy, womanhood, feminism, choice, society, politics, family, social expectations towards women – this is the world in FA Collective videos.

Mot/Her KC started at the beginning od 2017 and consists of 29 videos, realised weekly, same day, during Artists pregnancy. It’s a documentation od personal events and experiences. FA Collective dives deep into discourse of woman’s body, mind and identity questions in social and political context.



FA KOLEKTYW is created by Anna Wańtuch and Filip Wańtuch. They collaborate, both in private, parental and creative life. Mot/Her is their first mutual project.

Anna Wańtuch

Dancer, performer, dance and Contakids teacher. Received Alternative Dance Academy scholarship in 2019 realised by Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk. Resident of Dance Move Cities, international project co-realised by Krakowskie Reminiscencje Teatralne. Participant of Drama Forum with Christine de Smedt organized by Instytut Muzyki i Tańca. In 2012 she started “Postnatal project”. In 2017, with FA Collective, started Mot/Her KC. Sereval videos were presented during Women behind na Screendance landscapes in Venice and in shortfilm selection  POSITIONING (Malta), during off selection of FestiwaluIn Out, Łaźnia in Gdańsk. Project was discussed in an interview in  WomenCinemakers Biennale 2018

Filip Wańtuch

Graphic and animation author. He’s and author of films and animations for Teatr Tańca DF, among others “My Vincent, part 3”, “Lulilulilajka”, “Truskawkowa” and editing of shows. In 2010 he presented and created scenography for “Luminesmachia” spectale (choreography: Katarzyna Skawińska). Works in movie and theatre production.


Anna Petelenz, Małgorzata Petelenz

A3 exhibition opening

5.03. 2020. 7pm in MAG Gallery (Szeroka Street 32) feel invited to the opening of “A3” exhibition – works by three architects: Małgorzata Mizia, Beata Malinowska-Petelenz and Mariusz Twardowski.

Architecture has and – truly is – an impact. Social, cultural, financial. It’s a reality connecting business, creatives and politics. Architecture is also a story. About values, challenges, possibilities. And somewhere between those meaning one can find free thinking realized by architects with non-technical field.

“A3” exhibition presents artistic mindset of three architects-professors of Architecture Faculty of Technical University in Krakow – Małgorzata Mizia, Beata Malinowska-Petelenz and Mariusz Twardowski. Work with color or ascetic black and white searches, nature and phisicality of form – those are the ways followed by the artists.

“A3” in MAG Gallery is really a chain-like exhibition, a narrative built out of three independent – but at the same time coexisting – exhibitions of painting, drawing, ceramics and photography. Artists are looking for inspiration not only about architecture or its form. Architecture and inspiration happens in between discipline and freedom. Between idea and pragmatics. Authors – all of them architects – see those spaces differently.

A3 | ceramics talk by Małgorzata Miza – ceramics, enamel and non figurative paintings created during interdisciplinary workshops. Work with color and surface structure, used differently in each technique, is an important part of authors expression.

A3 | exploration of form  by Beata Malinowskia-Petelenz is an invitation to the world of visual contrasts. Exhibition is created by abstract series “Ferrofluctuations” and drawings which are an aftermath of touristic and scientific travels. It’s and explosion of color and organic structure with simplicity and architecture’s discipline.

A3 | architecture of nature  by Mariusz Twardowski consists of national parks photography. Nature and it’s pure and original form happened to be an inspiration for the author. That’s how this contemplative, non-architectural composition was created. Made in USA.

Anna Petelenz
AP KunstArt Fund

Małgorzata Mizia, prof. PK – architect, academic teacher, painter – interested also in ceramics. Author of 50 exhibitions in Poland and abroad, also in New York. Participant of international artistic workshop. Her paintings are a part of institutional and private collections in Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, Canada, UK and USA.

dr hab. inż. arch. Beata Malinowska-Petelenz, prof. PK – architect, painter, book author and illustrator. Published both ins scientific and popular magazines. 2012-2019 a member of SARP – Krakow. Author of 22 individual exhibitions and 20 collective, presented among others in Poland, Germany, Austria and Japan. Collaborates with new media artists. Concentrates on color (or concious lack of it), organic structures and architecture.

dr hab. inż. arch. Mariusz Twardowski, prof. PK – since 1996 co-owner of MTWW Architekci studio (former Twardowski Wokan Studio Projektowe). Since 2018 continues own projects and won competitions. Publishes in scientific and popular magazines, participant of architectural (mostly photographs) exhibitions – both individual and coolective, in Poland and abroad.

“Do not go to Venice” exhibition by Beata Malinowska-Petelenz

Please feel invited to the opening of “Do not go to Venice” exhibition, drawings and photographs by Beata Malinowska-Petelenz in Trzecie Oko Gallery in Krakow.

Because you should not go to Venice anymore. At least – not like it happens now. As Venice is drowning. It’s trampled by one-day-stand tourists and huge cruises ships. Amazonian forests get smaller every day and Notre Dame chapel burnt down in the eyes of the digitialized world and online weepers.

Today, travelling, both those real ones and virtual, is the essence od XXI century. They no longer recall old, romantic excursions to the new world. Today, special and desired spaces are available, over-consumed and – finally – ruined by turistic movement. That’s why Beata Malinowska-Petelenz invites viewers to the journey of paradox – journey created with drawings and photographs, old memories and feelings stolen from those places. With only black and white, Author focuses on forms, scraps and visual meanings that create the identity of the place. She shows spaces that undergo natural, but most of all – post-consumptional evolution. And she proposes a visual journey with her to those places. So…do not go to Venice.


Do not go to Venice, Beata Malinowska-Petelenz, drawings and photographs

Opening: 9.01.2020, 7pm

Trzecie Oko Gallery, Krakow, Bochenska street 5

Curatorial Team: Anna Petelenz, Malgorzata Petelenz, Franciszek Araszkiewicz

Momentum Gallery by AP KunstArt

Event held in OFF Theater will be filled with eclectic portion of art. The evening will start with Yara Mekawei’s 658 „listen to the Holy text”. Egyptian musician is specialized in electronic music performances and currently stays in Vienna as artist in residence of Bundeskanzleramt and KulturKontakt Austria. Video-art sequence of Momentum starts with Juan Valente (Argentinian performer and visual artist) and Bianca Phos (Viennese visual artist) works. Video part will be followed with screening of Beata Malinowska-Petelenz (Polish architect and painter) works. Final part will belong to Franciszek Araszkiewicz (electronics governed by brainwaves, electromagnetic fields) and Michael Fischer (feedback saxophone, violin). This Polish-Austrian duo performs together since 2016 as Fluctuations.

Parallel Vienna – summary

Parallel Vienna is over, but we’re still bursting with energy and good memories we brought back to Krakow from those days. We were extremely tired, but happy. Our exhibition was visited by hundreds guests – most of them we’re really impressed and shared good feedback with us. We said many “hellos”, shoke many hands and did a lot of networking. Now we want to say THANK YOU, to all who kept fingers crossed! We want to say thank you also to our media partners  – SARP Kraków, Instytut Polski w Wiedniu and – most of all – your engagement was very supportive.

About “Ferrofluctuations” during Parallel Vienna you could also read here Dzienniku Polskim (the same material in Kraków Nasze Miasto i Gazecie Krakowskiej), , blog and We also invite you to read interviews with the authors: Beata Malinowska-Petelenz and Franciszek Araszkiewicz .

And HERE you can listen what was the sound of “Ferrofluctiations” .

Beata Malinowska-Petelenz and Franciszek Araszkiewicz
AP KunstArt Team (from left): Artur, queen Małgorzata, Beata (author), Franciszek (author), Marcin, Anna

Parallel Vienna

On 24th of September there will be an official opening of Parallel Vienna fair, where we’re exhibiting our “project statement” Ferrofluctuations.

Ferrofluctuations is an installation presented during contemporary art fair Parallel Vienna by polish art foundation AP KunstArt Fund.

Ferrofluctuations. Spaces of influence, open boundaries and hidden relations. Those relations, though sometimes invisible, are weaving visual and sound structures, full of mutual influences. Even a single choice and subtle change can initiate a new process and build new meanings and qualities.

Presented procesual installation consists of three connected objects. Those are: paintings, interactive installation with ferromagnetic fluid and sound part. Paintings (mixed techniques: aquarelle, acrylic, drawing, ink) by Beata Malinowska-Petelenz are focused on color and organic forms, intimate scraps building new indentities. They are in close relations with installation-object with ferromagnetic fluid by Franciszek Araszkiewicz. Fluid changes its shape due to electromagnetic fields. With that it creates sound phenomenon, that can be impacted by viewers presence (for example with electromagnetic field shared by viewers own mobile phone).