Traces of the Future – open call results

We are very happy and pleased to announce that our „Traces of the Future” exhibition starts this Wednesday (24.11.2021) at 7pm and selected artists are:

Santiago Colombo, Yese Astarloa | Allison Roberts | Raji Jagadeesan | Simon Coates, Nour Sokhon | Patrick Jenkins | Justyna Jakóbowska | Roberto Voorbij | Zander Porter | Arash Akbari | Kailum Graves | Beata Malinowska-Petelenz | Artem Humilevskyi | Mariana Bicudo Cunha | Kam Yew Chee | Dot Zerosix | Dimitris Tsironis | Justyna Stopnicka-June |Jerry Galle |

Congratulations to Participants and thank you to everyone who decided to take part in this project!Stay tuned for upcoming news!

Open call – Momentum Gallery, Chopina Street 17/3, Krakow, Poland

Art foundation AP KunstArt Fund is calling for entries for our upcoming exhibition in Momentum Gallery, Krakow. We’re looking for:

– video arts (up to 8mins)

– photographs (size app. A4, series – up to 4 photos)

– sound art (fixed media, up to 5 mins)

Exhibition title is Traces of the future, and we intend to focus on works dealing with contemporary issues that will shape and affect future. We’re looking for abstract and brave languages. New ways of re-telling stories, fears and hopes.  If you need any more inspiration, look around – urbanization, gender fluidity, water on Mars – we’re living in very interesting times. We do not look for answers, we’re looking for poetic statements from different parts of the world.

Opening by invitation and visiting by appointment, due to Covid reasons. Due to Covid exhibition might be postponed BUT WILL NOT BE CANCELLED. Full photo documentation will be provided and shared online. Selected works will be presented in the Gallery, on Foundation website and promoted on our digital platform niemuzeum.

Organiser: AP KunstArt Fund

Open: 23.10.

Ddl: 8.11

Exhibition start: 24.11.

Curated by: AP KunstArt Fund

Submit your work by sending (  the link to private youtube or dropbox presentation which should include:

– your work

– short bio and portfolio info

– description of your work and how it meets the topic

– please DO NOT attach your works to the email, link will be sufficient

*by submitting your work you agree to have it published also by us, so if your work was presented before, please make sure that you have all necessary copyrights

Wiener Klassiker.

Vienna is a city with two faces. This classic one: rich, full of art, Freud, history and bittnerness of the past. And this new one: the one that is being named as „the best city in the world” (by Mercer competition). This second face is not Stephansplatz and neither Klimt is. It’s more to be found around Hauptbanhof, Praterstern or Seestadt, it constitutes in comfortable living, available apartments, public transport and greenery.

Beata Malinowska-Petelenz, touched by nostalgia and urban melancholy, comes back to Vienna with her own traces. Continues her drifting with a sketchbook and invites us to visit the best city in the world. She leads us via streets woven with lines, details and imagined spaces that stay untouched by time. „Wiener Klassiker” means classy and timeless, it’s an immortal reference and one of the hearts of former Galicia. It means places that are and still demand being discovered.

Exhibition of Vienna drawings is organised with contrast perspective – you’ll find here both wide open spaces as well as details and small, usually not even seen, parts that tourist passes by. Architecture, as the flesh of the city, becomes independent and intimate, overgrowing it’s usual pragmaticness.


Mariusz Twardowski

Beata Malinowska-Petelenz – architect, painter, book author. Her works, usually drawings and mixed techniques (aquarelle, acrylic, ink, pastels), presented among others in Poland, Germany, Austria and Japan. Author of 21 individual exhibitions and participant of plenty collective ones. Beata Malinowska-Petelenz concentrates on color (or conscious lack of it), organic structures and architecture. Collaborates with new media artists (Parallel Vienna 2019, KRAKERS 2020, Parallel Vienna 2021 and others). Lives and works (Faculty of Architecture, Cracow University of Technology) in Krakow.

Parallel Vienna 2021 – info

We’re very happy to confirm that our presence and contribution during Parallel Vienna 2021 was deeply satisfying. We presented video arts:

Zaprezentowaliśmy video arty:

  • Flaneuries, Franciszek Araszkiewicz, Beata Malinowska-Petelenz and Anna Petelenz
  • MOT/her, Anna Wańtuch
  • My body belongs to the state III, Josef Ka

And below you’ll find full information about the project we were a part of:

SCHUMANN 02        

plattform für eigeninitiative und kooperation








special guests:



as this year PARALLEL VIENNA 2021 will take place at Semmelweisklinik, a former hospital for gynecology & obstetrics the program shown by SCHUMANN 02 as PROJECT STATEMENT concentrates on female perspectives on womens body, motherhood, and mental health & freedom restricted by personal expectations, social possibilities and nowadays politics.

the second program of SCHUMANNs plattform für eigeninitiative und kooperation was selected

in collaboration with the polish artist, writer and curator ANNA PETELENZ (supported by Małgorzata Petelenz, polish curator and architect) from AP KunstArt Fund.

videos, drawings and photography completed by special performances to start and end the show

tue 7th 4 pm TATJANA HARDIKOV, live drawing performance

sun 12th 5 pm CHRA, afterstage performance

following artists will also perform on STAGE of PARALLEL VIENNA art fair:


fluctuations: resistant fields (electronics&feedback saxophone)
wed 8th 5-6pm

mothersuckers: in progress
fri, 10th 4-5pm

my body belongs to the state (iv) performance by josef ka
sat 11th 4-5pm


semmelweis-frauenklinik : live set

sun 12th 4-5pm

Congratulations to all the Artists!

Parallel Vienna 2021

We’re very proud and happy to announce we’ll be a part of the upcoming Parallel Vienna 2021!

It’s our second participation (after „Ferrofluctuations” 2019 project).

This time we’re presenting videos and so that would be:

📍 Flaneuries by Franciszek Araszkiewicz, Beata Malinowska-Petelenz and Anna Petelenz

📍 MOT/her by Anna Wańtuch

📍 My body belongs to the state III by Josef Ka

✅Curated by Małgorzata Petelenz

Stay tuned for more information ❗️

Momentum Gallery 04: Light Surface, KRAKERS Fringe

Space that sings, sings in polyphony. Sings about cities, sunrise and sunset. About laundry in the street and a forest. Stories from the neighborhood. About shapes, forms, things left behind that never sleep as they simply seem dead. One day they arise and sing. Those are their stories.
Momentum Gallery 04: Light Surface is a meeting with unseen narratives. Visual stories from around the world (Argentina, Cuba, Vienna, Krakow) referring to unchangeable paradoxes that are timeless. Referring to forms, tissues, fotons, structures – those that even when there is (NO) Hope, still exist, still unseen, but always present.

Curator: Małgorzata Petelenz

Exhibition, Cracow Art. Week KRAKERS 2021, FRINGE section

Data: 18.06.2021, godz. 17:00 – 21:00

Miejsce: Momentum Gallery, Chopina Street 17/3

Video art presentation (app. 40min)

F.Araszkiewicz, B. Malinowska Petelenz – untitled (Perinetkeller Fluctuations), video, electronics.
R.M. Hernández – Spiritual Voices, video, sound
F.Araszkiewicz, A. Petelenz – Beyond the Fields, video, electronics. – 1
F.Araszkiewicz, A. Petelenz – Beyond the Fields, video, electronics. – II
R.M. Hernández – I am the State, video, sound
F.Araszkiewicz, A. Petelenz – Beyond the Fields, video, electronics. – III
R.M. Hernández – that which exists in another world, video, sound
J. Valente – fotón, digital video, synth – electronic images

* Due to the epidemiological situation, please observe the safety rules when visiting the exhibition (wearing a mask properly, disinfecting hands, keeping a safe distance).

Momentum Gallery 04: Light Surface, KRAKERS Fringe – AP KunstArt Fund

Artists for Farm of Life – summary

Artists for Farm of Life is a unique event as it combines different groups of people, sometimes estranged to each other. This year, again, artists decided to support foundation „Wspólnota Nadziei” and so they donated their works. Works were presented during an exhibition in Krakow in SARP Gallery. Then all of them went to charity auction.

And so – over 120 works (!) were sold for over 85 k zł. This is a huge outcome and great support for the Więckowice house – center for adults with autism.

AP KunstArt Fund Team proudly supported this event and we’re very happy with the outcome.


For the second time we’re happily and proudly supporting Krakow International Festival of Composers.

This time in the programme we highly recommend you to pay attention to composers: Lera Auerbach, Kataryna Gryvul, Martyna Kosecka, Grażyna Pstrokońska-Nawratil! Please follow our information on niemuzeum social media channels and – for now – reserve your time between 10-18th April for concerts.

Artists for Farm of Life

We’re very happy to announce that we’re supporting “Artists for Farm of Life” event organised by Wspólnota Nadziei Foundation since 2006, which is centered around an art exhibition and charity auction supporting home for adult people with autism.

Many artists shared theirs artworks, like Rafał Olbiński, Beata Malinowska-Petelenz, Iwona Siwek-Front, Krzysztof Ludwin and many many more.

More info coming soon!